Culture Night 2015 Exhibition

Looking forward to Culture Night this Friday 18th of September at The Darkroom at BlockT (7.30-9pm), where I’ll be taking part in a photography exhibition with a handmade darkroom print of this photograph I took in Palma de Mallorca last August. There will be many other events on the night and I’ll also be at a table where you’ll be able to see my handmade photobook ‘Five Streets’ (self published with the support of Read That Image) and find out about my upcoming Street Photography Courses. These classes are aimed at those who wish to shoot urban scenes and everyday life on the streets of Dublin and are suitable for beginners and intermediate students. You will learn the best camera settings for different lighting conditions, focusing techniques, tips on composition and much more! Here are the dates:
– October Tuesday 6th, Saturday 17th, & Tuesday 20th
– November Tuesday 17th, Saturday 28th, & December Tuesday 8th
To book and for more info please email or drop in to see me on Culture Night!

Harold’s Cross Festival Photowalk Exhibitions

As part of this year’s 2015 Harold’s Cross Festival (6-10 May) I’m delighted to have some of my photographs exhibited at two group exhibitions at the Noshington and Black Apple cafes in Harold’s Cross. This is one of the photographs I have at Noshington’s from today, and the Black Apple exhibition will be up from tomorrow. The images on exhibit are mostly of photographs taken by participants on the Photowalk I organized last year for the Festival. I also have an exhibition at the Brick House as part of the Festival, which will run for the whole month of May.

Fontana Cafe Exhibition

2015_04_13 copysmall
I’m delighted to have an exhibition up at the moment at Fontana Cafe, 21 Camden Street Lower (upstairs). ‘Black and white Dublin’ is an exhibition of my earlier black and white digital work and also features some of my latest darkroom prints of my film photographs of Dublin. The exhibition will come down on Saturday 25th of April so make sure to pay it a visit before then if you’d like to see it! Many thanks to Morris Film Photo for organizing this exhibition and many others at the Fontana Cafe!